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Helpful Golf Card Collecting Info: Official "Golf Trading Cards" began with the 1981 Donruss PGA set. This set is basically all rookie cards - includes Jack Nicklaus! Donruss followed that year with the 1982 Donruss PGA set (with around half the production run of previous year) also with many rookies as well. And, since there were not as many 1982 sets made, it actually makes the cards in this years set a little rarer than the 1981 set!

Most Popular Cards To Collect:
(1) First Card Ever
(2) Official Rookie Card
(3) First Autograph Card
(4) First Relic/Shirt Card
(5) FSA Card - First Swatch Auto Card
(6) SA Cards - Swatch Auto
(7) Numbered Cards

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  Home : Golf Cards In The News : Find Golf Cards : Our Exclusive Cards : Auctions/For Sale
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